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Veja cases de personalização no varejo


As consumer data becomes more readily available, a host of new opportunities (and missteps) has opened up for retailers that want to tap into the potential of rich shopper data. And on the top of that list is personalization.

Personalization is a versatile tool. For marketers, it means being able to better target sales offers and advertisements — using data about a customer’s previous purchases and search history to inform what they might be looking for next.

For the shopper, personalization is something different entirely. It’s the feeling that a product was made specifically for them or the sense that a brand knows them well enough as an individual to send along only the most relevant products and offers. The relationship between shopper and retailer becomes much more like a conversation between friends — at least that’s the idea.

The underlying value of personalization, however, is rooted in convenience. A brand I love knows me so well that they can send me curated products that feel meant for me, and I don’t have to do anything except be who I am. There’s a great opportunity here for brands to make themselves more approachable, but there’s also plenty that can go wrong.

Data is a sensitive commodity, and not all customers feel comfortable with the idea that retailers are taking information from them, especially if they weren’t aware of it or aren’t seeing any tangible benefits from it. In the pieces you see below, we explore personalization from many angles, including:

  • How customer feedback helps brands improve their selection and personalize products for their best customers
  • The ways that marketing has changed thanks to customer data
  • How shoppers themselves feel about personalization
  • The unique ways individual retailers are creating personalized shopping experiences

As with any trend in retail, we’re sure there’s more coming down the pipeline. For now, though, we hope you enjoy our curated selection of stories exploring all the different ways personalization is shaping the retail space.

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30 minutes with FabFitFun’s co-founder

With a recent infusion of $80 million and over one million members, the subscription box service kicked 2019 off well. Executives may have a solution to keep boxes fresh.


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