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Por que TikTok é um sucesso?


Tik Tok, the well-known short-video application known as Douyin back in China, has begun experimenting with longer-lasting content of over two minutes among existing users, as it faces expanded rivalry from applications supported by the online monster Tencent Holdings.

The new key feature that will allow users to make longer recordings, contrasted to the common 15-second clips the application is known for, has been made accessible on the application’s most recent update for the Android cell phone users in China, as indicated by a report from Chinese tech news site 36Kr.com.

A delegate of Tik Tok confirmed the local testing on Friday, however he did not go into further details relating the new length limit of a video integrated with the most recent update.

Before that product refresh, various Tik Tok users who have influenced others with their content have been given the benefit of creating and uploading video clips that can last up to 59 seconds long. Other users who have not had this privilege are limited to the default 15 second limit.

The tests being led by Tik Tok, which is being operated by Beijing-based ByteDance, have come in the midst of rising rivalry from a progression of new video applications discharged for the current year by Hong Kong-recorded Tencent, administrator of the pervasive versatile informing, web based life, gaming and payments application WeChat.

Tencent discharged those new video applications, with the names, for example, Weishi and Yoo, in an offer to get up to speed with Tik Tok in the blasting short video showcase, in which the “stickiness” of applications with buyers is exceedingly imperative. Tencent is likewise the patron of short video and live-gushing application Kuaishou, known as Kwai outside of China.

The quantity of watchers in China of short recordings, which are clips of under 20 minutes long, is anticipated to achieve over 353 million — more than the population of the United States — before the end of 2018, as per gauges from Chinese counseling firm iiMedia Research. That number would be up from an expected 242 million a year ago.

Tik Tok has already surpassed the likes of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat in number of new US downloads from both the Google Play and Apple App Store in October, putting the two-year-old ByteDance application at the highest point of the social application market, as indicated by application analyst Apptopia.

Tik Tok helped its user base from 100 million watchers to 130 million after the merger with lip-syncing application Musical.ly in August, as indicated by Apptopia. ByteDance obtained Musical.ly a year ago for about 800 million US Dollars.

Tik Tok hits 500 million worldwide month to month active users as China online life video fever proceeds. The new direction for Tik Tok is in venture with ByteDance’s drive to convey long-duration content to its Xigua Video service. ByteDance has purchased the exclusive digital rights for chosen movies and network shows, and also begun improvement of various unique movies and TV programs.

With TikTok growing this rapidly in popularity, it is important to not fall behind. Popular content creators have kept their popularity thanks to the fact that when merging TikTok with musical.ly, the user content was kept unaltered. Therefore, if you want to have a chance and catch up to them, you will have to get your free fans and likes on freetiktok.com!


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