Home Notícias Inc.: As 25 companhias mais disruptivas do ano

Inc.: As 25 companhias mais disruptivas do ano

Ser disruptivo deixou de ser um objetivo folclórico e e eventual, para passar a ser o caminho necessário de avanço para o mundo corporativo. O que antes era eventual, passou a ser um dos grandes objetivos das empresas. Neste levantamento anual da revista Inc., veja as empresas e negócios que estão revolucionando suas indústrias e a forma como o mundo corporativo se desenvolve hoje.

Doppler Labs

The future of computing is here–and it’s in your ear


The most exciting drones don’t fly–they sail

Hyperloop One

Why 2,500 cities want a piece of this startup’s high-speed rail

Capella Space

The startup that’s photographing Earth using tiny satellites

Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat is making vegan burgers even carnivores love


How unorthodox ads gave this underwear company a huge headstart


For $139,000 you can get a gorgeous, minimalist home–one that’s 350 square feet


The future of farming may not involve dirt or sun

Blue River Technology

With these smart devices, farms can cut their chemical use by 90 percent


The store where you can take everything for a test-drive–even the showers

Ginkgo Bioworks

These scientists design scents, flavors, and living organisms in a lab


The upstart on a mission to make Millennials forget about the big banks


This $320 million startup wants to sell your home–no real estate agents required

Twist Bioscience

The hot commodity this startup is selling? DNA strands


The app bringing parent-teacher conferences into the 21st century


Why Microsoft and Sony poured millions into this drone mapping startup

Vionx Energy

This startup has figured out how to store wind and solar energy for 20 years

Restless Bandit

Software that rediscovers the resume you shouldn’t have thrown away

Rubicon Global

How one man’s trash became this entrepreneur’s $300 million garbage empire


The next big idea in financial services? Name your own price

Corsica Innovations

The device that lets you grow weed with your phone

Diamond Foundry

The diamond upstart that could revolutionize an industry

Descartes Labs

The tech company that can predict the world’s corn output–down to the bushel

Defy Ventures

From prisoner to entrepreneur: This program wants to defy the odds


The future of the insurance industry? Behavioral science and bots


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