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5 formas de ganhar a geração z

Generation Z is often lumped together with Millennials, but lets not forget theyre a different demographic for marketers.

While Millennials were the first generation to grow up with the internet and smartphones, Gen Z, defined as those born after 1997, is the second generation that has grown up following the digital revolution. Millennials were the Guinea pigs after this massive shift, to some extent, while Gen Z is the corrective. Those in Generation Z got to see how the Millennials handled things, then they made some adjustments.

This new generation also is the largest generation in the history of the U.S. While the Baby Boomer generation was large, comprising 72.56 million people in the U.S., Generation Z tops even that large group with a total population of 90.55 million.

So Gen Z might be young, but theyre a force to be reckoned with. It is time that marketers got acquainted with them.

1. Know Their Cause or Create One

As a rule of thumb, Gen Z cares. Growing up around social media and the various social issues that swirl around the internet, those in Gen Z like brands that do social good and let customers help.

For me, the overriding shared characteristic of Gen Zers is that, compared to other age groups, they give a s**t and generally are passionate about improving inequality and the world around them, says Dave Chaffey, co-founder of digital marketing strategy firm, Smart Insights. Whether it’s issues like global warming, mental health or gender equality, they want brands to care, too.

One example of how marketers can leverage this is shoe brand, Toms. It created different charities for each purchase through stands on issues such as reducing gun violence, homelessness and improving mental health.

2. Respect Privacy

Privacy matters to this generation. A lot. A recent Adobe survey found that those in Gen Z care about privacy but feel powerless to do much about it due to their reliance on the digital world.

Marketers that want to win Gen Z and influence them therefore should show that this generation does have the power to enforce privacy, at least where the marketers brand is concerned.

Keep in mind that Gen Z grew up when the internet was well-established, so they know its value and its dangers, says Brian Glover, director of product marketing for Marketo Engage at Adobe. Its important to responsibly harness the power of data while respecting user choices during their initial interaction.

3. Engage Them as Co-Creators

From the maker movement and 3D printing to digital tools that make it easy to create and share content and build apps, Gen Z has grown up around doing things and creating. Engagement and involvement is standard for them.

They expect to be co-creators of their own experience, says Joe Panepinto, senior vice president and group strategy director for brand experience agency, Jack Morton. This is not a passive generation; they want to be involved in a meaningful way to create something unique.

For marketers, this means baking deep interactivity into marketing efforts, and enabling them to help create the content and even the products or services they consume. You dont market to Gen Z, you create things with them.

4. Dont Waste Time

If you want a laugh, imagine someone from Generation Z transported to the Enlightenment. The flowery prose of a Voltaire would stand in stark contrast to the directness of Gen Z. This generation is bombarded with information and doesnt waste time.

Thats why marketers aiming for this demographic shouldnt waste time or expect a long attention span. Gen Z has a lot of opportunities, so marketing messaging should be succinct and not assume more than a few seconds of time from its audience.

Keep content short and engaging to connect with Gen Z, says Margo Kahnrose, senior vice president of marketing at digital advertising platform, Kenshoo. They live in a tech-rich ecosystem where various apps fight for time. It wont be long before Gen Z is on to the next app or device.

5. Forget Brand and Emphasize Product

With a fragmented media landscape, the internet to uncover small brands nobody has heard about, and marketing tactics generally in overdrive on social media, those of Generation Z really dont care about your brand. What they care about is your product or service.

Gen Zers can be brand agnostic, and they care more about a product they are interested in, says Dave Sutton, director of strategy at digital marketing agency, Lever Interactive. While branding is an important part when establishing a presence on digital channels, overdoing your branding will turn off a Gen Zer from interacting or purchasing.

So spend less time building brand and more time highlighting the value proposition of the products or services offered by the brand. What the product or service does matters a lot more to Gen Z than how you brand it.

None of these are entirely new considerations; Millennials share some of these traits to an extent, and Gen Z trends naturally capture the zeitgeist of todays digital marketing landscape because those in Gen Z came from this age. But in Gen Z, these traits and expectations are strongest. Marketers should pay attention.


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