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FAST STAT: 57% dos líderes de negócio acham que o consumidor será o maior beneficiado pela Inteligência Artificial

57% of enterprise executives believe the most significant growth benefit of AI and machine learning will be improving customer experiences and support.

44% believe that AI and machine learning will provide the ability to improve on existing products and services. Marketing departments and the Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) running them are the leaders devising and launching new strategies to deliver excellent customer experiences and are one of the earliest adopters of machine learning. Orchestrating every aspect of attracting, selling and serving customers is being improved by marketers using machine learning apps to more accurately predict outcomes. Source: Artificial Intelligence: What’s Possible for Enterprises In 2017 (PDF, 16 pp., no opt-in), Forrester, by Mike Gualtieri, November 1, 2016. Courtesy of The Stack.


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