Elon Musk vai lançar 7.500 novos satélites. É uma nova internet.

Por Innovation Insider | 25 novembro 2018

What it is: The Federal Communications Commission recently approved Elon Musk’s request for SpaceX to launch 7,518 satellites into low-Earth orbit. Combined with the 1,886 currently active satellites and 4,425 previously approved satellites, Musk plans to create a global constellation of satellites for his proposed Starlink Broadband Network. SpaceX is expected to spend over $10 billion on the Starlink project with the intention to create a universal internet network with latencies as low as 25ms and gigabit speeds that will rival existing cable or fiber optic systems.

Why it’s important: The Internet will soon be accessible from all areas of the planet, including rural locations with poor or no network connectivity. This democratization of the Internet will enable billions of new minds with purchasing power and entrepreneurial creativity to connect online, sparking an economic revolution unlike any we’ve previously experiences.

Spotted by Argel Algura / Written by Argel Algura 

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