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Como integrar o Machine Learing ao seu marketing

Neste pequeno mas objetivo artigo do especialista Dave Chaffey, de SmartInsights, entenda como as plataformas de Machine Learning podem e devem ser integradas a automação do seu marketing (sendo que a automação do seu marketing é uma necessidade vital para o futuro da gestão de sua marca daqui para a frente).

Integrating machine learning into marketing automation

Personalization can also be applied across the lifecycle in email comms. Yet, our research on email marketing shows that despite the widespread use of email and marketing automation systems, many companies don’t manage to put in place a full lifecycle contact system like that shown in the lifecycle visual above.
We assessed segmentation and targeting of emails based on the number of criteria that are used from none at all up to dynamic content.

The findings from our State of Email marketing report are shocking: Half (50%) don’t use any targeting whatsoever, less than a third (29%) use basic segmentation for targeting and less than 15% use segmentation and personalization rules to reach specific audiences within their database. This means that they may be missing out on opportunities for automated emails with dynamic content for welcome and nurture of prospects and customers.

Although email marketing automation is another technique where artificial intelligence and machine learning is being applied more often. Using machine learning offers opportunities to automate targeting as it does for web personalization. However, personalization is potentially more difficult since emails, by their nature, have more complex creative. This data suggests to me that many businesses aren’t ready for AI and machine learning within email marketing and they need to deploy fundamental triggered automation features first.


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