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Por Innovation Insider | 20 julho 2011

year deal with Casilla

The Giants agreed to terms on a three year deal with right hander Santiago Casilla on Monday. Casilla, who saved 25 games last season after Brian Wilson had Tommy John surgery, was entering his final season of arbitration.

The deal includes a club/vesting option for a fourth year and is pending a physical. According to Janie McCauley of the Associated Press, the deal is worth $15 million over the first three years.

Casilla, 32, had several up and down seasons with the Oakland A’s before breaking through with the Giants in 2010. He has a 2.22 ERA in three seasons with the Giants and has 33 saves.

Casilla saved 21 games in the first half last season before manager Bruce Bochy elected to turn to a committee approach. After brief struggles in the middle of the season as he struggled with a blister, Casilla rebounded down the stretch and allowed just one earned run in 11 postseason appearances.

Casilla is expected to again serve a key late innings role for the Giants in 2013, and could see plenty of save opportunities as the Giants look to limit Sergio Romo ninth inning workload. Casilla has often worked in tandem with Jeremy Affeldt, and now both are locked up for at least three more seasons.

We see our guys close up and thus notice the warts (the blown saves in June/July, the Louis Vuitton man purse at the parade), but here quote from a CBS Sports article about the signing:

joining the Giants, Casilla has been one of the more effective relievers in the game, sporting a 2.22 ERA, 1.18 WHIP and 156 strikeouts in 170 1/3 innings in his three seasons for San Francisco. fair to say Casilla has already (to use TWC term). His career was nowhere until Dave Righetti got hold of him. Same with Affeldt, really. It kind of remarkable what good pitching coaches, a manager who knows how to use his players, and a friendly ballpark can do for a guy career (not to mention his financial future).

What not to like about Casilla? like lefty says: of the most effective relievers in baseball

Power sinker in the low to mid 90 He gotten walks under control. He K about 8 per 9, and he gets ground balls over jerseys

Like Lefty says again : I were a pitcher with any talent, I’d be hounding my agent to call Sabean and get me on the Giant is Chad Caudin the best Sabean can dredge up for depth? C now. Missed out on Mike Adams. Missed the best reliever deal of the offseason in Jason Grilli. But there are still some good bullpen arms out there: John Rauch, Kyle Farnsworth. And we still clamoring for a starter who needs a job but is willing to swing out of the bullpen. You know the names. We added Rick Porcello to the expanding sometimes shrinking list.

Let do the roster crunch in stand pat, feeling good, feeling complacent mode:

Yeah, the Dodgers overpaid on Ethier extension. Now they have to eat a lot of money to dump him and pay the same/more for Swisher, a guy who two years older and a slight upgrade offensively (because he a switch hitter and can hit lefties). Swisher is a downgrade defensively, too, not that Ethier any great shakes, either.

I feel bad for Ethier, too product who had great years with the Dodgers (two NL West titles) and just signed a five year extension. The Dodgers are like the Marlins don do no trade clauses.

If the Dodgers wanted to dump Ethier, why didn they do it earlier and buy Hamilton, instead? That would have been more of a statement than Swisher.

Also, if they sign Swisher, they lose a draft pick, but they already lost one with Greinke. How can you lose two first round draft picks?

If I were a pitcher with any talent, I’d be hounding my agent to call Sabean and get me on the Giants.

I were ANY player not signed or looking to be traded I tell my agent to call Sabean. SF Giants are arguably the most desirable location and franchise in MLB (those of us that go back 40+ years as Giants fans will enjoy the irony in that).

It will be a buyer market come early 2013/spring training. Plenty more chances to strengthen the roster as needed. Works in season as well will have the money to spend where needed to bolster the lineup.

Don want to use the D word (dynasty), but the Giants are establishing themselves as perennial contenders built mainly on strong pitching. The offense/defense will be built via astute acquisitions and/or internal development. Sounds like a winner to me.

I still hold you responsible for eating my rooster and 2 hens, but I like your thinking.

For all I know, you may be Sabey Sabes. Or perhaps Obsessive Compulsive is Sabean he seems pretty smart. Maybe Lefty is Sabes in drag !!!

Anyhow, Sabean is probably perusing and thinking to himself:

Rick Porcello yeah, good point about the ground ball rate. Our defense would make him shine. And these guys are right about Bumgarner, I should be concerned. Let me get Dave Dombrowski on the horn and float some names like Heston and Kickham and we see if we can progress.

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