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Por Innovation Insider | 21 setembro 2010

“Our method for choosing the roads is fairly simple,” said Brumm. “We look at the age of the pavement, the condition of the existing surface and the traffic count.”

Previously, the county’s roads were on an approximate 15 year cycle and were predominantly resurfaced with asphalt.

“With increased oil prices, construction costs have increased and funding has not increased in the same manner,” he said. “Therefore, the value of the dollar doesn’t do what it used to do.

“Thankfully, we have been able to use TIF (tax increment ginancing) from the wind towers to attempt to get ‘caught up.'”

In addition to TIF money, Cheap Jerseys free shipping funds are also received through programs including property tax levies as well as through the State Transportation Progam (STP), the County Highway Bridge Program (HBP) and Farm to Market (FM) Funds.

Road and bridge projects being planned for this fiscal year include the placement of the bridge over Turtle Creek on T28 Hickory Ave with box culverts, the bridge on T68 Addison Ave north of Riceville, and five miles of road T64 Walnut Ave to US Highway 9.

Future road projects over the next three years could include bridge replacement with box culverts on Timber Ave., new bridge on T34 Jersey Ave.9.5 miles of road on A23 470th St. to Walnut Ave., and five miles of road from T40 Monument Ave. (Stacyville City limits) to Highway 218.

Brumm added projects could always change due to the changing needs of roads and bridges in the county.

“You always need a place to start,” said Brumm. “Ultimately, our goal is to provide the best roads and bridges, that we can, for the residents of Mitchell County.”

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