89% dos marqueteiros (ainda) apostam em email marketing em 2018

Por Innovation Insider | 05 abril 2018

89% of marketers are prioritising email in 2018

Despite the growing popularity of mobile apps and social media channels, the majority of marketing professionals still view email as primary focus. This news comes from Yes Lifecycle Marketing, who surveyed over 300 marketers to find out their priorities for 2018.

89% of marketers said that email is one of their top three priorities for the year ahead, while 45% ranked it as number one overall. This is likely to be due to proven and somewhat reliable ROI of email marketing. Elsewhere, 71% of marketers ranked website and 56% ranked social media channels as one of their top three priorities for 2018. In comparison, just 27% and 17% of marketers included channels like push notifications and direct mail in the ranking.

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